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Orgone Pyramid - Introduction & Benefits

What is Orgone Pyramid – Intro:

The ancient “life force energy” crystal embedded beautifully in sacred shape “pyramid” - is more than an invention. Orgone Pyramid is the matrix mix of metallic particles suspended in the organic medium. It has thin layers of metallic & organic substances that act as an Orgone accumulator. An Orgone is a form of life force energy or vital health also known as Prana or Chi as indicated in the eastern culture. The term was coined by Wilhelm Reich and was stated that it can adapt and work with metaphysical energies such as emotional body energy, reiki energy, bi energy, fourth-dimensional energy & many more. To simplify, an Orgone Pyramid stimulates other energy forms into healthy, balanced & healing state.

 How Does Orgone Pyramid Works?

The answer lies in properties of the crystal stone itself. There are historical shreds of evidence, metaphysical, mythological and personal experiences that states about Orgone energy fields. For many, it is called the negative-positive-energy transformer. People all the over the world experiment by keeping this beautiful crystal in the gardens, office and anywhere in the home space. It helps people getting their energetic levels back to normal. This works on the concept that organic materials act like a sponge & attract Orgone energy. The energy inside & outside (metal particles & resin) interacts and comes out into an organized, positive and stable state. The harmful Orgone referred to as DOR is converted into OR that is healthy energy.

 Type of Orgone Devices:

These are segregated into two types – HHG (Holy hand grenade) and TB (Towerbuster). HHG is medium-sized and converts harmful Orgone into healthy energy forms. It also maintains the continuity of the positive flow. On the other hand, TB is comparatively smaller in the size having conical or cylindrical orgonite mass. One can place them in any space for constant clearing action and surely expect miracles to happen. Just like a recipe, inventors have worked on making Orgone devices – accumulators, generators and interactive Orgone devices. All have their application in food, environment & other areas. Now, let us take a look at the extraordinary benefits of Orgone Pyramid before buying them online.

Orgone Crystal Pyramid Benefits:

The benefits can be understood in the way that it enhances the Orgone energy grid (positive) that aids revitalizing in many ways.

1.    Stimulates Vegetation & Keep Food Healthy

Some agro-scientists believe that HHG or pyramids stimulate plant growth. People can bury them all around the garden space or in the agriculture field to help plants to flourish. Chemicals & pesticides somehow affect the natural vegetation. The orgonite pyramid improves the vegetation by reducing the negative EMF around the field. One can also use plates to keep the stored food & beverages healthy!

Orgonite - Best for Food Storage:

People order Orgone crystal online and keep them near food storage areas to reap the following benefits:

  1.  The food kept under the magical pyramid will preserve its freshness 2-3 times longer than usual.
  2.  It acts as a natural flavor enhancer.
  3.  The food or beverage will become less acidic.
  4.  Instead of decaying or becoming unhealthy, the Orgone Pyramid dehydrates the food preventing mold growth.

 2.    Neutralize EMF (Electromagnetic Fields):

With the advancement in science & technology, we have become more dependent on electronic devices. These devices emit harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) that are inaudible & invisible but extremely harmful. We bear the interference of  EMF coming from digital TV boxes, cell phones, mobile towers, home electrical appliances, wireless handsets, microwaves, smart meters & many more. EMF is negative energy and Orgone devices have significant power to absorb these energies. This does not mean that the EMF is destroyed; instead, it is transformed into positive Orgone or energy. This is probably due to the reason that the Orgone field energy reaches a certain strength that neutralizes the harmful effects of EMF. You will find Chembuster pyramid being placed near the routers in the home or offices. To help you more, regarding placement of Orgone pyramids, read our tips.

  1. Keeping it in bedrooms helps you gain a sound sleep with no harmful radiation.
  2. Place pyramids near man-made EMF devices like TV, laptops, or other smart appliances.
  3. These lucky charms are placed near the fridge & food storage areas.
  4. Distribute Healing Pyramid as a gift in your neighborhood and create a healthy living environment all around!

 3.    Aids Peaceful Meditation:

Meditation is one of the effective & traditional effort to gain focus, healing & inner peace. One can easily use Orgone Pyramids to make the experience more magical. Place them near the place of meditation or hold the crystal in the hands. The positive Orgone creates a protective shield around your body. It does constant clearing for personal energy and prevents any kind of energy assault, psychic attack, negative thoughts or even EM interference. People also wear Orgone pendant while doing Yoga or meditation which helps them perform better and gain control over their mind, body & soul. Nowadays, one can find interactive devices or radionics boosters being placed near meditation space centers.

Use of Orgone/Orgonite Pendants / Devices in Meditation:

  1. Chakra Alignment: Mediation requires you to remain in constant stable energy and achieve a sense of consciousness. Use this magical crystal Orgone to gain Chakra alignment and clearing negative energy.
  2. Kundalini Energy: Wearing an Orgone Pendant has helped many healers to awaken their Kundalini Energy/ Shakti.

Holding these pendants or stones level-up your vibrations & create a sacred marking space. This will help to concentrate on praying and following any law of manifestation.

 4.    Clears  & Harmonize Negative Energies:

Orgone or Life Force helps in balancing all the chakras of the body. These chakras energy shields help us to maintain a balanced state of mind, body, and soul. With positive vibrations, we can enjoy life, feel the joy and program our sub-conscious mind to heal & manifest dreams. So, by keeping a fancy pyramid of Orgone, you are not just adding a décor but clearing all the negative energies from entering our space. Orgone energy has been used to treat patients and get them out of the depression state. Crystal pyramid boost self-positive vibration. Use these magical radiating pyramids to neutralize negativity one at each corner of the place and see the difference. This is called a Orgone Grid that acts protection, cleanser & healer. This negative crystal purifier can have 28 sides and edges and release positive energy in all direction. Owing to this fact, a large Orgone pyramid is highly recommended for healers & Reiki practitioners. They used healing gems for the following:

  1. to relieve tensions & burden
  2. To do telepathy, recall past visions
  3. to enhance the power of prayer
  4. to gain self-control
  5. to get Intuitive Guidance

5.   Aids in Peaceful Sleep:

The negative energies, intuitions and psychic abilities interfere in our daily sleeping routine. Many people are unable to sleep in peace or remain restless even after 8 hours of bedtime. Orgone Pyramids have worked wonders in such situations. As Orgone energy fields work around the human energy chakras, it immediately calms the body & mind. Apart from this, by neutralizing the EMF, the pyramid stimulates melatonin that regulates our daily sleeping cycles. Orgonite Pyramids placement near bed or pillow also helps to:

  1. Fight Insomnia or Sleep disorders
  2. Gain clarity and lucid dreaming
  3. Prevent nightmares & Psychic attacks
  4. Create highly positive vibration aura

6.    Act as Environment Purifier:

One can imagine, if EMF at home can cause restlessness, then what will be the effect of these harmful radiations on the environment? Experiments by researchers have proved that Orgone accumulators are ideal to tackle this problem. They act as an environment purifier or energy cleaner and restore natural weather patterns.

Types of Orgonite Used for Environment:

  1. Organic Tower Buster (TB)
  2. Holy Hand Grenade (HHG)
  3. Earth Pipe (EP)

The above three are the inventions of Don Croft and are extremely useful to get a clean and charged environment. These Orgonites are either buried deep into the ground, thrown in bushes or the large water reservoirs. These have high applications in agriculture & alternative health domains.


The Orgone matrix theory, its application, and growing need have made these crystals high on demand. From relieving stress to detoxifying water, stimulating plant growth to neutralize EMF, you will find people buying Orgone pyramid necklace, pendant, generator, and even a complete kit online. One can find & make Orgonite DIY projects. It’s up to you to explore Orgone products offline or from online retail choices!