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Seven Chakra

Seven Chakra

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The calculations and science of Sevena chakras of our body

What seven chakras are?

The Seven chakras are the hotspot zones of our body which completely rely on the existence of Human body. These are the major areas of our body which maintains balance and co-ordination of inner world with outer world. These chakras are seven in number. It plays role in physiological, spiritual, emotional aspects. It is the sequence of systems of human body and workplace of sensational areas. It comprised of head, throat, heart, stomach, navel area below navel area and anal region.

The origin of chakras:

The chakras are from early Vedic period originated in India in some 1500 and 500 BC. It is mainly found in Upanishads which mainly stressed on yogas to activate the seven chakras of the body which exists in seven sensational parts packed with emotional and spiritual aspects at its full. The word chakra is from Sanskrit language which mean wheel. The wheel or sphere which rotates to provide energy and existence of human body by activating seven different areas of our body.

What chakra of body does?

The beckon of human body relies on its pleasure, prosperity and peace at its highest place of demand.  It can only be achieved when physiological, emotional, spiritual aspects are in proper alignment with one another. And it is the complete game play of chakras of our body. There are main seven chakras out of 114 chakras of body. It is spinning disk from spine to head. It encompasses energy within its hotspot zones. It acts as foundation of body and provides support to the body. The main support area is spine which links inner system with outer system by providing strength to stand and balance gravitational pull on the body.

Zones of chakras:

There are seven main chakras of our body. These seven chakras all together acts as control room of the body. The beginning of chakras is from base (spine) to top head (crown). Its names from western world to Sanskrit language are:




7th  Chakra:  CROWN   

Top of the Head( Cranium)   


6th  Chakra:  THIRD EYE

Between  two  eyebrows     


5th  Chakra:  THROAT    

Base of the throat               


4th  Chakra:   HEART      

Center of the chest             


3rd  Chakra: SOLAR PLEXUS

Stomach area                     


2nd Chakra:   SACRAL      

Just below the navel          


1st  Chakra: ROOT(SPINE)

Base of the spine(tip of tail bone)


These are the seven energy centers or zones having their own vibration frequencies.

The specificity of seven chakras:

Root chakra (Muladhara)

7th Chakra: It links us to mother earth. Provides balance and support to the body, the way foundation of building provides support to the top roof. It holds thoughts, economy,, physical needs. The

Navel chakra (Swadhisthana)

6TH Chakra: It communicates with the soul inside our body. As from its Sanskrit word it creates the tastes for food, feeling for the sexual urge and creativity.  Its balance also provides proper nourishment to the baby in the womb of pregnant lady. It creates the feeling of joy and connection to the opposite sex.

Solar plexus chakra (Manipura)

5th Chakra:  It helps maintaining the personality and builds confidence to interpret feeling of love, desires. It provides our own unique identity. This chakra maintains and checks our work relationship and personal relationship intact.

Heart chakra (Anahata)

4th Chakra: It is the centre of emotions as it comprised of our heart. This zone controls our feelings, desires and emotions. With the balanced emotional heart, our love, empathy, self devotion and ideas all will be in complete balanced state. It beats to show its existence in the form of pulses.

Throat chakra (Vishuddha)

3rd Chakra: It controls all emotions, wishes, wisdom and controls all information and communication. It provides strength to express our inner by the help of speech. We allow ourself to express and get our matters solved here. It provides benchmark to sing, perform and teach others. When this chakra is in balanced state our higher inspiration will also be in balanced state.

Third eye chakra (Ajna)

2nd  Chakra: It is a place of intellectual development. Here intelligence is checked. This area is also known as Third eye. Here we become capable to see others looking into our inner self.  Here spiritual abilities are also controlled. The balance of this chakra can help us to move in a perfect disciplined life by having active intellect and spiritual abilities. It is control of our body.

Crown chakra (Sahasrara)

1st  Chakra: It is the first and largest chakra . It act as umbrella for all other chakras of body as more developed it is, better will be our contact  with the inner qualities and hence better will be our deeper understanding of things we usually think about. This chakra controls all other systems of our body and act as government for it. It connects inner feelings to the outer feelings and balances our emotions accordingly. It makes us optimistic by uniting us to feeling of supreme power of god, so helps in keeping our thoughts in positive direction.

Jewels of seven chakras:

We had so far learned about so many benefits of seven chakras of human body and its basis on existence of human body. When these all benefits are packed in the form of jewels , it not only increases its beauty and its aesthetic value in daily life but also garnishes mankind with garland of energy and beauty all together.

  1. Seven chakra healing bracelet for men and women: it is designed to maintain proper co-ordination of chakras of the body.
  2. The 7 chakra pendent both for men and women to increase the authenticity of chakras of body. Specially  it directly touches heart area so stimulate it
  3. 7 chakra Bracelet to increase the strength of wrist both for men and women with active load of energy using benefits of chakras of body.
  4. Elegant chakra drop ear ring for enhancing beauty of a lady with health benefits in interest.
  5. Mala beads Seven chakra bracelets cum necklace, it all together brings beauty and stimulates blood circulation of the body.

Many other Seven chakra items are available which like pyramid, mala bead necklace, healing gemstone and yoga jewelry, chakra ear ring etc. These all together increases the aesthetic value of body, soul and jewelry when it is garlanded on body parts.