Blue sapphire which also known as “Neelam” in Hindi is a most powerful stone among the all astrological gemstone. It is a stone of Saturn planet and belongs to the corundum family. Blue sapphire is a birthstone of September month and a sigh of Capricorn or Aquarius.  This is a quick acting stone, for many persons it shows effects immediately by way of gain in resolution to a problem, wealth, windfall gain etc. Blue Sapphire stone recommendation should be made with care. Blue Sapphire is Jyotish stone, wearing this stone without recommendation can lead to health problems, accidents & can lose your respect.

Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire Sone

  • It’s response comes quickly. It can bless with good luck, wealth, opportunity and promotion within 1 day or the month after wearing it.
  • This stone has the divine power which gives you happiness, wealth and removes financial problems from life.
  • The blue sapphire stone also helps in improving concentration and focus. Therefore students and professionals working academic and amidst environment can get massively benefit from blue sapphire.
  • Neelam stone reduces the evils effect caused by malefic Saturn.
  • Wearing a Blue sapphire protects from the diseases related to hairs, nervous system, obesity, nose,  muscles, bones, calf muscles, knees and legs.
  • Blue sapphire is a highly protective stone. It helps in protection from hexing, evil eye, enemies, jealousy.
  • Blue Sapphire stone blesses wearer with success, fortune, fame & money. The person can hope to get a high position in the society.
  • Wearing blue also helps to fight and cure kidney trouble, nerve disease, bone cancer and paralysis.

How to Wear Blue Sapphire stone?

It should be worn in silver or white gold in the middle finger of right hand. The day of wearing blue sapphire is Saturday. A person should chant the following mantra around 108 times before wearing blue Sapphire.

“Aum Sham Shanaish-charaayeNamah”

Price of Blue Sapphire stone

The price of a blue sapphire stone depends on transparency, color, luster, cutting & origin. According to current Indian Market Blue Sapphire price range starts from 2,000/- per carat to goes up to  1,00,000/- per carat.